Quality Instruction Matters

STEMscopes believes the most important strategy schools can use to significantly increase student learning is the quality of instruction. Students flourish when teachers deeply understand the content, best teaching practices, and the use of available instructional resources.

Professional Development Tailored to Your Needs

50 years of educational research has shown the overwhelming impact of teacher quality on student learning for their subsequent two to three academic years. More recent research has extended that impact to also include college attendance and adult earnings. Teaching quality has a significant impact on students’ lives long after they leave an individual teacher’s classroom.

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Quality Teachers

Quality Teachers

Closing learning gaps and preparing students for an increasingly ambiguous and challenging future is more dependent on quality teaching than any other variable.

And today’s highest quality teachers fluently integrate the most powerful STEM instructional strategies into their existing practice.

Professional learning strategies

Professional learning strategies

STEMscopes, in partnership with the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE), provides professional learning services that help educators become increasingly effective in their work with students. We focus on evidence-based instructional strategies that strengthen student learning across content areas, while simultaneously nurturing the attitudes and skills fundamental to success in today’s increasingly complex STEM world.

While teachers of traditional STEM content areas readily acknowledge the importance of their students being engaged in critical thinking, productive disagreement, evidence-based discourse, authentic learning, and other «STEM» instructional strategies, we believe these strategies are important for all students, across all content areas and grade levels.

Who Do We Support?

STEMscopes and National Institute for STEM Education (NISE) support and honor educators wherever they are on their instructional journeys. Our coaches and consultants are here to help ease the burden carried by today’s educators, whether they are new to teaching or seasoned instructors grappling with new curriculum requirements. Emerging talent and award-winning leaders alike benefit from our coaches’ and consultants’ assistance expanding their bandwidth and facilitating desired change.

Steps To Excellence

Both STEMscopes and the National Institute for STEM Education help districts to refine and maximize their professional learning services through the following kinds of collaborative activities.

Confirm the district’s or school’s goals and success metrics.
Analyze the current state through data, additional surveys or assessments, etc.
Determine what professional learning is needed, over time, to achieve the desired goals.
Identify interim benchmarks and measures of success.
Communicate the plan to involved stakeholders.
Regularly monitor and adjust the professional learning plan as needed.
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Training Methods to Suit Every Teacher

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Professional Learning Trainings

Our professional development sessions are created and delivered by seasoned STEMscopes practitioners and trainers, and also through our partnership with the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE). Professional learning services extend across three major areas, providing professional learning that:

Maximizes the use of STEMscopes products
Leads to STEM Certificates
Focuses on high impact instructional practices

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STEM Certificates

Best Practices Trainings


“Thank you for empowering our school to be a vehicle to better prepare our students for STEM careers.”

New Manchester Elementary School, GA

“Although this was not an easy process and we spent a lot of time and work on it, it was definitely worth it. We are better because of it.”

Highland View Academy, MD

“I was able to reflect a lot about my teaching. I have grown as an educator through this process.”

NCST candidate

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