Blended Learning

While most textbook companies first write content and then drop in related activities, STEMscopes was written with the hands-on activities first, resulting in more effective curriculum. Combining digital resources, print, and hands-on kits helps students develop a more complete sense of STEM by learning content through a variety of modalities—increasing engagement by fostering a blended learning environment while empowering both traditional instruction and 1-to-1 classrooms.

Sample Digital Features

STEMscopes is designed to enhance 1-to-1 and traditional classrooms with a wide variety of teacher support and student instructional resources. With over 25 elements per scope (lesson), both veteran educators and new teachers will find intuitive, easy-to-use materials to support assessment, differentiation, hands-on instruction, literacy, and game-based learning. Explore some of our favorite scope elements below; then, start a preview or trial to see them all!

  1. Digital Teacher Edition

    Facilitation points, STEM best practices call-outs, materials lists, standards alignment guides, and in-depth content backgrounds—STEMscopes has everything teachers need to prepare teachers to teach a 5E-based, standards-aligned STEM lesson.

    Teacher Background Screenshot
  2. Lab Setup Videos
  3. STEMscopedia
  4. Reading Science
  5. Claim-Evidence-Reasoning

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Professional Learning

  • Hands-on use of instruction materials
  • Practice using embedded, high-impact instructional strategies
  • Start with on-demand training, grow to full STEM certification
  • Partnered with the National Institute for STEM Education
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